︎︎︎Constance Stool

Constance is a three-legged stool formed from bent Alucobond sheets attached to a laminated plywood seat.

Focusing on material testing and an understanding of the capabilites of Alucobond (a material that is not normally used in furniture), the resulting design was an extremely cost-effective and practical furniture solution.

Completed | Semester 2 2018
Product Typology | Stool
Work Produced | Functioning physical prototype, Imagery, Process Video

1:1 Scale Cardboard
Prototype Development
Images Photographed by
Marisa Suen

Sustainability ︎

Constance uses 3 identical parts which fold and overlap into the structurally sound leg parts. With minimal parts, the design is cost- effective and extremely resourceful. Packaging is incredibly easy as it can be shipped flat-packed. Moreover, Alucobond cladding can be easily salvaged from building sites that are discarding the material.

Vincent Tsang is a multidisciplinary  Sydney-Based industrial designer, inspired by the ordinary artefacts we rely upon in our daily lives.