Orbit is “Light-Assisted Sleep”, a lamp which adjusts lux and hue to emit contextually appropriate light which better caters for our body’s natural circadian rhythm.

Informed by research on sleep and human physiology, the conclusion was to create a lighting experience akin to the rising and setting of the sun.

Completed | 2019 3rd Year Major Studio
Product Typology | Inteligent Lamp
Work Produced | Design Pitch, Research Paper, Physical Functioning Prototype & Imagery

Why is getting to bed early so hard and why do I not feel sleepy?

“Artifical light in modern societies... tricks us into believing night is still day, using a physiological lie...”

- Mathew Walker, Why We Sleep

Vincent Tsang is a multidisciplinary  Sydney-Based industrial designer, inspired by the ordinary artefacts we rely upon in our daily lives.