The Quickflask is a multi-purpose insulated thermoflask designed to cater for everyday use from the office to the gym. 

Completed | 2018
Client | Rebel Sports - Super Retail Group 
Product Typology | Insulated Flask
Work Produced | Design Pitch Phyiscal Prototype & Image

1:1 Scale Prototype of the Quickflask made using the HP powder printer 1:1 Scale Prototype of the Quickflask fabricated using a HP Powder Printer


Carrying a reusable water bottle is an easy solution to reducing plastic waste. With making water bottles part of everyday carry, factors such as size, portability and ease of use for different contexts had to be considered. Moreover, thermoflasks designed for hot beverages oftern have screw caps, making it inconvenient to sip when on the go.

Sustainability ︎

With the user-centered design focused on providing a multipurpose drinking vessel, the hope is to promote reusability as well as convenience and to eliminate single-use products.

For Everyday Use : The curved grip area also becomes the main contact point for the user and prevents any contamination from the main mouthpiece.

Clicks into Gear : Quickflask creates a satisfying click when opened to the correct position which allows for the flow of liquid to be consumed.

Vincent Tsang is a multidisciplinary  Sydney-Based industrial designer, inspired by the ordinary artefacts we rely upon in our daily lives.