Vincent Tsang is a multidisciplinary industrial designer based in Sydney, Australia. He is currently working on products at Vert Design.


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With an ever-growing importance for an awareness for current day societal issues and a foundation for sustainable design, Vincent strives to approach issues with a deep curiosity, and a drive to create elegant solutions that are delightful. When working on various projects, collaboratively and independently, Vincent likes to take deep dives into research, engaging with the niche and gathering sources from the unconventional.

When Vincent isn’t designing, he keeps a pulse on the current day trends. He is also a curious observer, and is always swooned by good design that is present in everyday life.

Awards, Exhibitions &
Publication UTS University of Technology Sydney
The IKEA x UTS Future Living Lab as a Learning Laboratory
Awarded Design Institute of Australia (DIA)
Industrial/Product Design Graduate of the Year 
Awarded Tricky Jigsaw (M&C SAATCHI) + NSW EDUCATION
Tricky Jigsaw Design Competition Winners
Awarded Carl Neilsen Design
Recipient of the Neilsen Design Scholarship for Honours

2017︎ 2021
UTS Univesrity of Technology Sydney
Bachelor of Design in Product Design (Hons)
2017︎ 2021
UTS Univesrity of Technology Sydney
Diploma In Innovation
Vincent Tsang is a multidisciplinary  Sydney-Based industrial designer, inspired by the ordinary artefacts we rely upon in our daily lives.